Lucky. By definition, it's having, bringing, or resulting from good luck. A lot of people would say they deem a lucky person to be someone who wins the lottery or someone who escapes a disastrous situation. We see "lucky" like beauty; it is in the eye of the beholder. What good is having luck if you do nothing with it?

For Andrew, his luck started when he took a leap of faith into the unknowns of entrepreneurship. Leveraging that luck, he created Lucky's Spitfire, a culmination of his hard work, dedication, and his dreams. 


At Lucky's Spitfire, our Signature Bowl creations are carefully curated to please everyone's palette. If your tastebuds are a little more discerning or if you're looking to put your own delicious spin on things, we offer a build-your-own-bowl experience with our fresh, high-quality ingredients and house-made sauces.


It's not just the food that makes Lucky's Spitfire what it is; we believe that the right ambiance and great service complete the ideal dining formula. Whether you're eating in or carrying out, we want your Lucky's Spitfiree xperience to leave you feeling happy, satisfied, and a little bit luckier.